The Top 10 Password Managers For Business

While the company does offer a consumer version, organizations that sign up for 1Password Business also get access to free family accounts for all of their team members (much like Dashlane’s Business plan). The lower-tier Team plan gives businesses the ability to deal with everything from a central admin console, managing permissions, policies, remote wiping accounts and more. Dashlane also provides a free premium personal account for users, and a system of Smart Spaces whereby employees can have a personal space what is cost transparency and business space. Admins can keep an eye on password security with the latter, but can’t peek into the former, maintaining the staff member’s privacy with their personal account. To demonstrate compliance to auditors and return on investment to executives, enterprise password security software provides detailed reporting on security practices you use to manage and protect passwords. Dashlane Business is my favorite — it’s secure, intuitive, and includes a wide range of features for both end users and admins.

We then could securely share important files and even set “self-destruct” timers on messages containing sensitive information that delete themselves after a set time period. But many of the brands I tried were offering little value for outrageous enterprise password management prices. The password managers I ultimately selected for this list offer a wide range of features and are reasonably priced. And all of them provide free trials, so you can personally make sure they will work for you before you commit.

Managed By It Professionals

Pricing starts at $19 per user per month on the Basic plan, and goes up to $39 per user per month for the Enterprise plan. All plans have a 5 user minimum, and are based on a 36-month contract. There’s also a one-time Standard Onboarding fee of $495, or $1290 for Premier Onboarding, which includes a dedicated support representative. This is important, as the increasing number of passwords and online protections against fraud and malware attack means a password management solution is becoming a must-have for businesses. Access and share sensitive information with databases and other applications.

Both of Password Boss’s business plans come with a 14-day free trial. The best solutions for consumers are password managers, such as LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and RoboForm. These products create a secure, password management enterprise encrypted database stored in the cloud containing the user’s usernames and passwords. These password managers attempt, usually with success, to fill logon fields automatically with the right information.

Manageengine Password Manager Pro

Password managers will store all of your company’s login details in a secure ecosystem designed to make everything easier, safer, and more convenient. They point out security flaws in protocols, they point out weak and compromised passwords, and some even alert you to data breaches that contain company-compromising information. I really like CyberArk’s automated process of changing account credentials, giving IT teams an easy way to manage company cybersecurity. And real-time account monitoring is incredibly helpful, too, as it enables admin teams to quickly spot suspicious activity and stop it before any damage gets done. Keeper Businessand Keeper Enterpriseare virtually the same in terms of end-user features, but for SSO options, AD integration, advanced 2FA, and provisioning options, you’ll need Keeper Enterprise.

Has 1Password ever been hacked?

Yes, any company or software can be hacked (although 1Password claims they have yet to be hacked). This is why it’s always best to use a double blind password with any password manager app.

The app does the work of saving sets of credentials in a database whose contents are protected with high-grade, 256-bit encryption. To unlock the password database, you enter a decryption key that only you know. The browser extension or app handles the work of automatically filling in credentials as needed. Avatier SSO eliminates the risks from duplicating identities in the cloud.

Keeper Supports Large And Complex Enterprise Deployments

It also throws light on password hygiene across the organization and helps administrators bolster internal controls. Personal plans start at $30 a year for Keeper Unlimited, which allows storage of an unlimited number of passwords and syncs them on an unlimited number of devices. Sticky Password was founded in 2001 by former executives of AVG Technologies, which was a pioneer in the freemium category for security software. The six password manager apps and services listed in this guide all offer a full set of features in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. Although some offer a limited free plan, our evaluation is based on the full feature set available with a paid subscription.

They are better because typing on a mobile device, especially typing complex passwords like “1RI9RujOKc2l,” is a poor experience. When the password manager works well, it saves a great deal of time and unpleasantness while maintaining a high level of security. This raises the issue of who administers the password manager in the enterprise. Your mobility management team and your identity and access management team may not be the same, but they certainly need at least to coordinate in the use of such a product. Password Manager Pro offers a complete solution to control, manage, monitor and audit the entire life-cycle of privileged access. In a single package it offers three solutions – Privileged Account Management, Remote Access management, and Privileged Session Management.

Password Generator

Administrators can quickly and easily grant, change or restrict access for any user. Generate administration reports that highlight whether java mobile apps development a user or role has been modified. Business users can automatically log into websites directly through a simple web application.

What is enterprise password management?

Password management software for the enterprise uses security controls to prevent internal and external threats from capturing master passwords, credentials, secrets, tokens, and keys to gain access to confidential systems and data. These centralized password management systems can be on-premise or in the cloud.

It’s pricing is slightly confusing, but Passwordstate offers all of its features free for up to 5 users, so you can try it with a small number of team members before purchasing. I was able to change the settings to automatically remove all business passwords from a user’s account when offboarding them — something even top business password managers don’t offer. I really like that admins can set up very specific security policies — for example, java mobile development strong 20-character master passwords and biometric 2FA requirements. This ensures all employees are keeping their accounts as secure as possible. LastPass is one of the most intuitive and feature-rich password managers for businesses.I particularly like that admins can set specific login requirements for team members . LastPass offers several plans for businesses of all sizes, and you can try all of them using a 30-day free trial.


Enpass is a cross-platform solution, and it works on a wearable device as Apple Watch and Android wear. Hypervault allows you to store not just the user and password but all kinds of relevant fields – port, server, connection details, license, etc. It comes with an excellent admin panel to help you see everything that demands your attention, such as security concerns and an overview of how your business utilizes 1Password. This massively helps in increasing the productivity levels of your team members as well. All passwords are stored in a single database protected with a unique master password or a key file. So the key here is to keep the master password safe and protected as that will allow unlocking all the stored passwords in a database.

It’s always good to be able to trust your employees, and in any case, it’s necessary. However, it’s even better, and looks better in security audits, to have a secure system for the management and storage of credentials on third-party systems. If you do and then read about a major password breach at a service you use, you can at least know that you are less vulnerable than most businesses. The password manager systems in the cloud do not need and do not have access to the encryption keys.

3 Lastpass

Files are stored locally, and you’ll want to master its arcane keyboard shortcuts to fill in passwords automatically. That policy changed in March 2021, when the company revised its offerings to require password management enterprise a paid plan for use on both mobile devices and one or more personal computers. The company’s personal and business product lines work on all major desktop and mobile platforms and browsers.

Dashlane also offers the ability to designate emergency contacts, making it easy to allow family or co-workers access to critical accounts or information in the event of an emergency. The data shared with an emergency contact can be fine-tuned to provide only certain information to specific contacts. Pleasant password serverlets tech-savvy users fully customize their approach to improve password security. Like many enterprise editions, it includes active directory integration.

Achieve Password Hygiene Overcome Password Fatigue. Stay Secure And Organized.

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